• Vegetal Marabú Charcoal
    Made in Cuba since 1930

Charcoal quality

Our charcoal made in Cuba is a PREMIUM quality charcoal.


It has a diameter of 3-10 cm and a length of 4-25 cm.


5% maximum. Its apparent density is 0.25-0.30 g/cm3.

Carbon content

Between 76-86% with a humidity in mass of 6%

Mass ashes

About 6% along with a volatile mass by 10-15%.

Colour, sound and impurities

Charcoal is shiny black, with metallic sound and without impurities.

Our Offer

The best vegetal Marabú charcoal, artisan and Premium quality.

Our charcoal

Vegetal Marabú charcoal, obtained by this artisanal method known as "parvas", meets all ecological requirements, since it is produced from an invasive plant (marabou) that interferes in the development of food, forestry and livestock production .

Actually Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom and South America are the main markets for this highly competitive product.

This product is totally natural and its superior quality is validated by the oldest traditional production techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation by the inhabitants of rural Cuba.

At Intenza Export we are dedicated to importing this ecological fuel, carefully selected at source to meet the highest quality parameters. We provide an added value of services with great experience, speed in delivery and excellence, which satisfies and brings benefits to your business.

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